Why we created MFR

      We own a commercial FM station, Morena FM, in Itabuna/BRA. It was the first station in Brazil to only play digital music and commercials (back in 1991, when CD was still rare in the country).
         I fulfilled my dream of building a great radio station, but I have another dream: create a really global radio station, that can attract people from all over the planet with a bold programming. It's a huge challenge. The first problem is the time difference between Brasil, USA, Europe and Asia.
         When it's noon in Brasil, it's midnight in Japan, 1500 in Europe, 11 am in New York and 8 am in Los Angeles. Then there's the cultural differences. It's hard? Yes. It's Impossible? Not really. The internet helps to demolish barriers and we intent to use music to eliminate all frontiers.

Explaining our schedule

      The first thing we did was study the time differences, to know when brazilians, europeans, americans and asians listen to radio and which hours overlap between them. Then we did a research about the favorite genres in each country. We know, for instance, that latin pop is more popular in the US than in Asia.
         There were some surprises, like the broad acceptance of rock and how popular classical music is in Europe and Asia (I'm talking about guys like Mozart here). Then we selected the genres that every country likes to be the base of our programming. On top of that we added some brazilian music you may like.
         It's something no one did before, so we really don't know how it will behave. If you find our programming weird, please, give us another chance and listen a little more. We'll adjust the programs now and then, because this is an ongoing project. Fell free to give us suggestions through our email radio@morena.com.br. If you like us, please help the project donating anything through PayPal to account marcel@grapiuna.com
         Marcel Leal, the mad person in charge.


morena fm


      Morena FM /Rio is an online only branch project from the commercial station Morena FM 98. It features a multigenre AC programming, from rock and pop to blues and brazilian music, new and already famous artists, and most shows in English.

      Morena FM is a commercial radio station in Itabuna, Bahia, Brazil. It was the first station in South America to only use digital music and commercials, back in 1991. It started broadcasting online in 1996, 24/7 and gathered a broad international audience, even featuring only shows spoken in Portuguese.
      In 2021, Morena FM started a new plan, to give online listeners English spoken programs as well. It starts now with The Eurovision Show and the US Top 20 Show, but we'll launch other shows along this year.

Lynda Law Soul Show

Simon Harding
Fri 1800 GMT

US Top 20 Show

Al Walser
Sun 1800 GMT

Putumayo World Music Hour

Rosalie Howarth
Mon 1800 GMT

Pop Dj

Robert Andare
Sat 2000 GMT

Lendas do Rock

Rock Legends

No commercials

Morena FM /Rio does not carry advertising. And it is online only.

No Borders

We play music from all over the world, in a broad range of genres.

Get in touch

We'd like to know you and your opinion about our programming - radio @ morenafm.com

You search for a cool radio station, that plays rock, pop, blues, reggae, dance, brazilian music, fhash backs and new music. But where is it? Which radio does that? Morena FM /Rio. You search for a radio station near you and find... Morena FM /Rio. Wherever you are in the workd, it's just a click away. You want a radio station to hear 24/7, live, without ads and commercials. That's Morena FM /Rio, broadcasting the best music from all over the world. Surf in our radio waves. Surf in /Rio.