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The Eurovision Show

      The Eurovision Show celebrate the music of Eurovision past and present, featuring annual winners, famous past entrants, new music, other great songs from Eurovision six decade history, the latest news from the Song Contest World and guest interviews. It's presented by Simon Harding

      Simon spent the best part of 15 years working in local commercial radio across the Midlands in the UK. Since leaving full time radio he spent a good deal of time exploring other pursuits, including starting his own business.

      The Eurovision Show was a labour of love – and a way to combine his passion for radio with his guilty pleasure of Eurovision! When not involved in either, he enjoys all things techy, science-fiction film & TV, and is a keen dog lover. You can enjoy The Eurovision Show every Friday, 2000 GMT


US Top 20

      US Top 20 has become the World's leading Weekly Syndicated Top 20 Countdown Show. From the heart of entertainment, we broadcast weekly LIVE from Hollywood. It's presented by Al Walser, former member of German band Fun Factory. It goes online every Sunday, at 2200 GMT

      Al Walser is a GRAMMY®-WINNING musician and producer of several GRAMMY®-WINNING albums. His most recent Grammy success came in 2020. He has been the first 100% independent artist to ever get a GRAMMY®-Nomination in a major label driven category.




      Hosted by former KFOG personality Rosalie Howarth and Putumayo founder Dan Storper, the Putumayo World Music Hour takes listeners on a weekly journey through the music of many different cultures. ​PWMH episodes include a blend of music from well-known artists and exceptional, underexposed international artists.

      Morena FM proudly presents this amazing radio show every Monday, 2000 GMT. You can find all the music in Putumayo website, along with kids books and greeting card.


Global Music

      Jazz & Blues - Mon, Wed and Fri 1300 GMT / Tue 1800 GMT / Thu 2000 GMT - Blues, Soul and Jazz.
      Max Metal - Mon 2359 / Wed 2200 / Fri 0200 GMT / Sat 1800 GMT - The best of rock, from pop-rock to metal, from new releases to all-time classics.
      Expresso 98 - Mon and Fri 2200 GMT / Tue, Thu and Sat 1300 GMT - The 90's were very special for Morena FM. We went 100% digital, ahead of everybody else in Brazil and Expresso 98 was the first 100% digital program in Brazil. So we keep an entire show devoted to that decade.
      Hot Mix - Fri 0000 GMT / Sun 0200 GMT - A great success since 1991, it features dance in its many forms, from tecno to house, along with some classics from the 80's and 90's.
      Pop DJ / Sat 1900 GMT - The leading dance show in brazilian radio, hosted by DJ Robert Andare.
      Lendas do Rock (Rock Legends) - Mon 1800 GMT / Tue and Sun 2000 GMT / Thu and Sat 2200 GMT - The only Classic Rock program in Brazil, full of legends like Pink Floyd, Uriah Heep, UFO, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns 'n Roses...
      Alma Latina - Wed, Fri and Sun 1800 GMT - Salsa, merengue, mambo, rock, pop, dance... all the latin beats.
      Expresso Mix - Tue 0200 and 2359 GMT / Thu 1800 GMT / Sat 2359 GMT - Like an italian expresso, a good shot of pop music.
      Bons Tempos (good times) - Tue 0900 GMT / Wed 2000 GMT / Sat 1900 GMT - A mix of brazilian and global hits from 70's up to the 00's.
      In Concert - Sun 1500 GMT - An one-hour special featuring the work of a great brazilian or international artist. Sometimes we highlight a specific and important album.
      Memory - Wed and Fri 0900 GMT / Sun 2359 GMT - Only flashbacks from the 70's to the 00's. Only great hits.
      Allegro - Mon and Thu 0900 GMT / Wed 2359 GMT - The best of classical music (as in Mozart), like you never heard before.
      By Night - Everyday 0500 GMT to 0800 GMT - A nice music mix, from low to medium tempo. Morena FM was the first station in Brazil to broadcast live during all morning, 2:00 to 6:00 local time. Other stations considered an "audience graveyard". We call it "lots of people that need a good radio to listen to".


Brazilian Music

      A La Carte - Mon to Sat 1500 GMT - Contemporary brazilian music from our finest artists.
      Memória BR - Mon 1100 GMT / Sun 0900 GMT - Only flashbacks from brazilian music, featuring all the great songs from the past.
      Trem das Oito - Tue 1100 GMT - The current brazilian hits and new music, including still to be known artists.
      Mesa de Bar - Wed 1100 GMT - The kind of brazilian music that plays in bars and shows.
      Raiz Brasileira - Tue 0200 GMT / Thu and Sun 1100 GMT / - A program featuring the best of Samba, the original genre from Brasil.
      Só Brasil - Wed 2359 GMT / Fri 1100 GMT - A broad mix of brazilian genres, from pop to rock, from bossa nova to forro, from reggae to dance and axe.
      Rock Brasilis - Tue 2200 GMT / Sat 1100 GMT - The best from brazilian rock, from old hits to new songs.
      Onda 98 - Sun 1300 GMT - Our region has sunshine and high temperature most of the year, so we provide the better soundtrack for the pool, the beach and outdoor activities.

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morena fm


      Morena FM /Rio is an online only branch project from the commercial station Morena FM 98. It features a multigenre AC programming, from rock and pop to blues and brazilian music, new and already famous artists, and most shows in English.

      Morena FM is a commercial radio station in Itabuna, Bahia, Brazil. It was the first station in South America to only use digital music and commercials, back in 1991. It started broadcasting online in 1996, 24/7 and gathered a broad international audience, even featuring only shows spoken in Portuguese.
      In 2021, Morena FM started a new plan, to give online listeners English spoken programs as well. It starts now with The Eurovision Show and the US Top 20 Show, but we'll launch other shows along this year.

The Eurovision Show

Simon Harding
Fri 2000 GMT

US Top 20 Show

Al Walser
Sun 2200 GMT

Putumayo World Music Hour

Rosalie Howarth
Mon 2000 GMT

Pop Dj

Robert Andare
Sat 1900 GMT

Lendas do Rock

Rock Legends
Mon 1800 GMT / Tue and Sun 2000 GMT
Thu 0200 GMT / Thu and Sat 2200 GMT

No commercials

Morena FM /Rio does not carry advertising. And it is online only.

No Borders

We play music from all over the world, in a broad range of genres.

Get in touch

We'd like to know you and your opinion about our programming - radio @

You search for a cool radio station, that plays rock, pop, blues, reggae, dance, brazilian music, fhash backs and new music. But where is it? Which radio does that? Morena FM /Rio. You search for a radio station near you and find... Morena FM /Rio. Wherever you are in the workd, it's just a click away. You want a radio station to hear 24/7, live, without ads and commercials. That's Morena FM /Rio, broadcasting the best music from all over the world. Surf in our radio waves. Surf in /Rio.