Morena FM /Rio is an alternative channel of Morena FM, from Itabuna, Brazil. It is AC oriented, plays a broad range of music genres, from all over the planet, from the 70's to today's hits. We focus on music quality, independent of popularity.

Morena FM /Rio is commercial free, original, exciting. It features all the artists you already know plus the ones you should know. We play the hits you already enjoy, plus the ones you may come to love. If you like it, please help us donating to PayPal acct

Lynda Law Soul Show

Simon Harding
Fri 1800 GMT

US Top 20 Show

Al Walser
Sun 1800 GMT

Putumayo World Music Hour

Rosalie Howarth
Mon 1800 GMT

Pop Dj

Robert Andare
Sat 2000 GMT

Lendas do Rock

Rock Legends

No commercials

This channel does not carry advertising. And it is online only.

No Borders

We play music from all over the world, in a broad range of genres.

Help Us

Help us keep this radio free of commercials donating anything to PayPal account

You search for a cool radio station, that plays rock, pop, blues, reggae, dance, brazilian music, flash backs and new music. But where is it? Which radio does that? Morena FM /Rio. You search for a radio station near you and find... Morena FM /Rio. Wherever you are in the workd, it's just a click away. You want a radio station to hear 24/7, live, without ads and commercials. That's Morena FM /Rio, broadcasting the best music from all over the world. Surf in our radio waves. Surf in /Rio.